"Bre" Harris

Bre  Harris grew up in the south valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico not far  from the Isleta Indian Pueblo. The impact of the mixed culture of the  area exposed her to art of the  southwest in every form. Even the  landscapes and sky came to life for her. As an adult, she moved to the  Colorado Rockies and spent the next 20 years enjoying the exposure of  more of the American west. Residing in  the sculpture capital of the west,  Loveland Colorado, it was there at the Sculpture Invitational Art Show  that she first exhibited her unique art form of faces in Leather, and  met her now partner sculptor David  Harris.As early as childhood, Bre can  remember mixing media in her artwork. Always seeking to show the human  side of everything, those tangible as well as those that only exists in  our dreams and imagination. A goal  that still comes through her artwork  today.Life has brought Bre down many roads. From building sets,  backdrops, props and designing costumes with the Albuquerque Civic Light Opera and High school theater troop, to  weaving the story book tales for  children through storytelling and coaching youth soccer. To the more  compassionate work of being a healthcare provider, and moving her into  practicing alternative healing. The best  is being a mom to her 2 sons and 4  stepsons. A personal tragedy started Bre on the path of self-healing  through art, progressing to a permanent career change. In the New  Millennium, Bre joined David at Light and  Time Design Studio in Royal, Arkansas,  as part owner and resident sculptor, bringing with her, her own unique  medium of sculpting in leather and skill in life casting. Over the past 5 years, Bre has expanded her  talents to include bronze, aluminum,  stainless steel, wood and glass. To her credits since the merger, Bre  has been re-sculpting Hall of Fame Baseball players, as well as the  Trophies for the Independence Bowl  for Hartland Collectables. Bre hopes to  expand again using new untried glass techniques. "The fluid smooth flow  of glass intrigues me, I'm looking forward to experimenting with glass". Whatever the medium used you  can always be sure that the human  characteristics will always be in Bre's pieces.